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Getting to Know Yoooooouuuuu, Getting to Know Aaaaaaall About Yooooouuuuu...

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Sep. 19th, 2006 | 11:24 pm
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posted by: grace_batmonkey in texansinseattle

Welcome, everyone! We have 16 members as of this writing. Yay. Thanks so much for joining!

It's about time I posted my own answers to those questions I asked y'all, but I also wanted to give a summary of the answers we have so far. 8 people have given answers at this point. There's also been a fair amount of conversation in the question thread, which is simply lovely to see. I've provided my answers along with a brief run-down of what other folks said.

The shortest period of time someone's been in Seattle is "about three weeks". Wow! Welcome, indeed! Feel free to ask questions to get oriented and all that - I'm sure we've all made discoveries we'd like to share.

Next to myself, the lengthiest history in Seattle is 7 years. I've been here 9yrs7mos. I'm thinking some of the lurkers maybe have been here even longer.

The person with the shortest time in Texas was there for 6yrs. The longest was 26. That person's got me beat - I was there for a little under 26 years, especially if my 8mos in ABQ are taken out of my pre-Seattle time.

We've got several Houstons (I'm one of those; ~20 yrs), a couple from Dallas (I'm in there, too; ~6yrs), and another couple of folks spent time in Austin (my brother lives there, currently). El Paso, San Antonio, Waco, and Marshall all figure in there, too. Heck, we've got a confirmed Aggie, even ;]

The reasons for leaving Texas basically centered around employment and the heat. Politics, school, and craving change figured, as well. Everything except school figured into my own decision, so I've got that in common with most of you. I kinda figured that would be the case, but I didn't expect so much similarity right off.

Reasons for coming to Seattle overlap with reasons for leaving Texas a little - jobs, school, change. Following folks who ended up exes drew a couple of y'all. One person had always loved the NW, which I admire. My reasons were that I had done a lot of research before making the decision for where to move, and Seattle consistently rated near the top for all the things I cared about.

Most folks enjoy Seattle's climate, politics, setting, access to music, and those breathtaking mountains. I'm not as fond of Seattle's politics right now, but they're definitely better than what's going on Texas, so you've all got a point on that. For me, the awesome beauty of this place has kept me tied long past social connections or employment could have achieved alone. I've made a lot of friends and discovered potential I didn't know I had, too, though - I owe Seattle a lot for what's it given me. I'm truly in love with this city, as pissed off as I get about it sometimes, and I can give a list twenty pages long of the things I particularly like about it.

One person said they're a wuss in the heat, now. Me, too. The very few warm days here this year made me feel completely lifeless and irritated. I hope I get over that soon, 'coz I don't think Seattle's going to be cooling down any time soon.

All that said, most of us do miss a few things about Texas. Food figured big. From chains (Whataburger, Taco Cabana, Sonic, Freeb!rds, and others) to the general categories like Tex-Mex and even to the poignantly specific (to me, anyway) "food made by someone's abuelita", food is what everyone seems to miss in common. It appears a few folks are missing Texas-sized football spirit, too. Friends are missed, of course. That's one of the hardest things about moving across the country like this, I think - so hard to stay connected with old friends and any family left behind.

Y'all should read the answers other folks gave - It's a little late for me to go back through and comment tonight, but those responses are what jogged my memory the best. I enjoyed thinking about what I specifically did miss about Texas and finding out what mattered to others.

A few of the specific things I miss are: Thunderstorms, directness, the far superior clubs, the non-state-owned liquor stores, Fiesta Mart y otro Latino tiendas/mercados, real beaches on the Gulf Coast, fresh Gulf shrimp, Astroworld & Six Flags, Lake Travis, real Tex-Mex/BBQ/Cajun/Creole/Southern food, water balloon fights at X-mas, and people speaking Español all the time. And, of course, friends and family.

We've got two folks on quests - one person is looking for recommendations of the best dawn simulator, and the other is always looking for Southern food options.

We had one person saying they miss Big Red Soda, and a couple of folks piped up to say that Big Red can be found at QFC, Safeway, and Top Foods. Apparently, the "big" QFC on Broadway (I'm not 100% sure which one is meant here) definitely carries it.

Two folks offered Texas-related finds we might want to know about:
Goymas has been recommended for Mexican food (I offer Su Casa in Bellevue as a possibility, too).
One person says Two Gringos from Texas has the best Tex-Mex they've found up here so far.

I loaded up the interests recommended in responses to the questions. Let me know if you think of any others - I've got some Seattle-oriented ones to put in, but there's room for so much more.

All righty. I'm off this thing for a couple of days again, likely. Y'all feel free to get other convos going - I'm looking forward to reading what you've got to say.

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(no subject)

from: weahawk
date: Sep. 20th, 2006 06:42 am (UTC)

Well, I think that livingdeadpan was the confirmed Aggie, but he's not the only one. I met him there in college, I think I even played a hand in getting him to move out here as well.

You brought up a couple of other things that I miss as well. I miss real thunderstorms and good lightening storms. I miss Six Flags and Astroworld as well. Good call on that, there isn't a really good amusement park out here in the Northwest.

Thanks for starting up this group! Should be a good one.

Cheers! and Gig'em Aggies.

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(no subject)

from: superbeth
date: Sep. 20th, 2006 07:10 pm (UTC)

Wow. Yeah. There is something about the way it smells right before a really quality thunderstorm. I remember as a counting the time between the lightning and the thunderclaps. I do miss Six Flags as well. Also there are no Sonics here! How's a girl to get her ocean water fix? I miss bbq-ing at Christmas time and eating breakfast on the gazebo even in the middle of winter.

Maybe we should have a Texas meetup? :)

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(no subject)

from: grace_batmonkey
date: Sep. 20th, 2006 08:35 pm (UTC)

Exactly what I was thinking!

My idea right now is to have a once-monthly meet-up at one of the restaurants folks have mentioned as "Texan worthy". We'll do a roll-call, hook up carpools for anyone without cars, and I'll set up any needed reservations or other arrangements.

I'm thinking I'll probably try to get the first one set up within the next week or so.

Every once in a while when we get that low, rolling thunder up here, I get massively homesick for the tropical storms in Houston. I even miss the flooding, sometimes.

REAL weather, you know?

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(no subject)

from: anonymous
date: Jun. 10th, 2012 10:15 pm (UTC)

The only QFC I've seen in the area that has Big Red or Big Blue is the one on Holman between Crown Hill and Greenwood. Any other locations would be helpful since I've looked up and down and haven't had luck other than there.

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